Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review

Highly Recommended!!!

On Monday evening, I proudly used my AMC A-List subscription to go check out Sony’s new animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Before I jump into that, let me let you in on what AMC A-List is if you aren’t already aware. AMC is a chain of movie theaters that are pretty much located all throughout the US. I have 3 different ones within a 30 minute drive and that expands to about 10 if I opt for an hour trek which I never need to do as my local ones house all the films that are released.

The subscription costs $20 bucks a month and allows you to see up to 3 movies each week. IMAX, Dolby, 3D, dine-in…all included. I can book it all from my app within a minute and even reserve seating. I also earn rewards on purchases so every couple times I go, I get a $5 dollar credit to use towards either my subscription of snacks. I always opt for the parm. garlic pretzel bites and a coke. I also am a slob and don’t care about myself, so I sneak in some Snowcaps and Gummy Savers. The Wild Berry kind…not the standard….those are weak.


Anywho, my gluttony is not the topic of discussion today. We can revisit that at another time. Today we talk *nerrrrrrrd* stuff. Actually, this isn’t even nerdy stuff. This is a movie that I think anyone will enjoy. Not just kids or diehards. I went with the wife and kids and everyone loved it.

Basically I will give you the rundown incase you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen the trailer yet.  There will be no spoilers here so read freely. The film follows Miles Morales who is voiced by Shamik Moore. A kid growing up in Brooklyn who happens to get bit by a radioactive spider. Sound familiar? Good, it’s supposed to. In the comics, Miles started out as Spider-Man…of his “dimension”. He wasn’t part of the “616” which is considered the “main” Marvel Universe. Anyway, Miles gets bit and starts slowly discovering powers and abilities he previously didn’t have. Long story short, a plot from the Kingpin himself voiced by Liev Schreiber goes a bit wonky and a freak accident occurs sending several “different Spider-Men” to this one world. They must now work together to get back home and save the universe they are presently stuck in.

Sabreto..uh…I mean Kingpin…

All the while, Miles is struggling with what Spider-Man always struggles with. With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities.  I don’t want to give away much more that that. Those points are all basically covered in the trailers so I am not spoiling anything for anyone. I would however like to touch upon some of the different Spider Characters.

From Left to Right: Miles Morales pre costume, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, & Peter Porker/Spider-Ham

I already touched upon Miles so I will start with Peter Parker who is voiced by the always funny, Jake Johnson. In his world, he is a Spider-Man who is a bit down on his luck. Gwen Stacy is voiced by actress Hailee Steinfeld who will next be seen in Bumblebee. The girl is on fire!!! She is the Spider Hero if her world. I loved Nicholas Cage as Spider-Man Noir. He was fantastic and funny. This is the Spider Dude of his world which is basically a setting in the 1930’s. Peni Parker is voiced by Kimiko Glenn and is basically a young female in an anime style setting that powers a big giant mech robot with a radioactive spider. Fun!!! Finally there is Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham voiced by comedian John Mulaney. His world is basically a cartoon universe and you guessed it..he’s the main Spidey of his world.The awesome part about this film 


My favorite aspect about this film was the striking animation style. It honestly took me a few minutes to start accepting it as it has an odd filter or overlay on the top layer. It definitely took me a bit to get used to it but once I did, I fell in love. It was bright and colorful and felt like a live action comic book. They had different animation styles for the different Spidey Peeps and ones like Noir and Peni stood out and looked fantastic. I will be going  back soon to see it again, only this time in 3D. I think that this will be stunning in 3D! 

Expect to see more of Spider-Gwen…

There is a “gag’ that is used in the film several times and while it could and should get stale…..instead is fresh and funny each time. It was clever, interesting, and heartfelt. Plenty of cool villains abound.  There were a few moments where I found myself drying my eyes as they had welled up a bit. I laughed and truly was enamored with each scene. It tackles loss, grief, failures, triumphs, and does so in a way that most folks can relate to. Another plus is the soundtrack…absolutely killer!!! Overall, I give this film 5 stars, a 10/10, 2 thumbs up….however you want me to say that it kicked serious ass…is what I am going to say!

The Prowler was cool as hell…

So definitely, go out and see the film. Sony has themselves a hit with this and I can promise you that this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what’s next…Oh, one last thing. Stay until *AFTER*the credits…


Finally, if you have yet to see the trailer…

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