ImPRESSive Results

This weekend, I decided to press a few more books and I am super happy with the results on a couple of them. Just going to show the notable differences here.

Amazing Spider-Man #129. This book contains the 1st Appearance of The Punisher. A mega key that is highly sought after. This one came to us looking very rough. This thing had seen better days. Notice all of the creasing and wrinkles? Luckily most didn’t break color which means I have a lot to work with. Let’s look at the before ofbthe front and back.



Now let’s take a look at the after pics. It looks like a completely different book. This is a prime example of the owner coming out way ahead. For the $15 I charge to press it, this helped raise the value of this several hundred easily. Most likely a lot more.



The next one was a small flaw but on a major book. Incredible Hulk #181. 1st Appearance of Wolverine. Look at the divit between the U in Hulk.


After a steam and a press…


It’s like it was never there. I love when I can make a big difference in a book. Getting this little kink out, along with a few others couple result in another several hundred dollar bump. It’s awesome not only being able to beef up my own books but to do it for others and have them be happy with the service…super rewarding.


Till next time…

If you would like to know a bit more about Pressing, please visit one of my previous posts where it explains the process a bit more.

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