Supporting Those Who Create The Projects We Enjoy – A Steemworld Story

This morning I woke up and I decided to open Facebook to start the day for the first time in what feels like an eternity. I had a bunch of notifications so I figured why the hell not?!? Well I can honestly say I am glad I did as one of the very first things I saw was a post by user @lichtblick shared in one of the Steemit groups. Half the time these groups are filled with useless “follow for follow” nonsense but this one was different as I saw it mention @steemchiller. I immediately read it and felt a sense of guilt and stupidity wash over me.

For those who aren’t familiar, @steemchiller is the amazing mind behind the Steemworld tool. You can check it out below, but I am sure most of you are already aware. is a tool that I use daily. I utilize it more than any of the other dapps and I am ashamed to admit that I have not given my fair share of credit and thanks to @steemchiller for utilizing his wonderful tool. (That…came off weird.) (Shit…so did that…) Anyway, heading over to allows you access to a gazillion (my words, not his) different features. You can pretty much see everything that is going on with your account. These are some of the awesome things that I utilize it for on the regular…

  • Checking voting power
  • Delegating SP
  • Witness Voting
  • Claiming & creating accounts
  • Checking Curation and Voting earnings
  • New followers
  • New mentions
  • Up to the minute activity on the account

Those are just a few things that my dumb ass uses it for. I am 100% positive there are those here who are technical and actually have an ounce of brains in the noggin, utilize it for more technical assistance as well. As I mentioned before, I utilize this tool EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Yet, I am ashamed to admit that I too often have closed that pop up window that appears when refreshing. Not that I haven’t thrown some upvote love towards it’s creator in the past, but nowhere near what I should be doing. Have I mentioned how much I use this here yet?!?

So I got inspired to write this just to tell people that utilize his services to give the boy a little love. I was going to just upvote his weekly post and ask folks to do the same, but then I saw another post by my friend @connecteconomy (one of those here way smarter than I) and she suggested some other ways to throw some love and support, so I am going to piggy back off her ideas and share them here. Send some @steembasicincome! I just sent 10 over his way and as most of you know, that also helps YOU as well so it’s a win win! Add @steemchiller to your autovote. He isn’t pumping out trash. He is trying to build this place up and if you utilize his creation, the least you (and I) could do is show appreciation in the easiest way possible which is to upvote the weekly update he provides. So simple that it makes me angry with myself for not already doing this very thing. Well I have now added him to my at 100% because once again…I use this fucking thing all the blah blah blah…

Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget that mostly every program, dApp, or service here on the chain is not a big corporation that is backed by endless amounts of coin….but more often a dedicated dude barely scraping by as they attempt to better our little (hopefully not for long) corner of the world. Show some love to those brilliant minds that create those tools you use on the regular…and if you aren’t utilizing the services that provides, I suggest you take a look and see what you have been missing.

Oh, one last cool aspect for those living under a rock…you can not only utilize this tool for up to the minute ultra detailed information on your account…but you can totally be a creeper and check out anyone’s account! Want to see who’s delegating to whom? Where their votes are going? What % is self voting and how many votes total they are shelling out? Go ahead…it’s all right there for you to see. Sometimes this helps me personally decide on some things regarding supporting others and whatnot.

The point is, thank you to those who popped up posts regarding this today. I don’t know why this hasn’t clicked with me earlier but I am realizing it now. But a tremendous thank you to @steemchiller for creating something that when utilized, makes my time here a bit easier and smoother. We need more of you here brother.

*100% of liquid rewards will be sent to support his efforts as well!*

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