A Sincere Thank You

     In the comic and “nerd” community that I mainly hang in here, there are a bunch of folks who have been rockstars. They were all super supportive and encouraged me along even when it was a bit tough and I wasn’t sure of myself here. One of those people is the awesome @bryan-imhoff. I was super stoked to find out that we were only about an hour and a half apart. He hit me up one day and said he was thinking of coming down to hang at comic shop, Conquest Comics and I could not have been happier. He came and I showed him around the shop. We talked all sorts of nerdy shit from comics to his own comic he’s trying to get off the ground. You can actually support his efforts right here!!! https://fundition.io/#!/@bryan-imhoff/fzjpdacz9 Please do take a peek and throw a little love his way on this as he is one of the good ones who is helping dummies such as myself to advance here.


Anyway, he was also super informative on this entire platform. He has been here way longer than I ,so naturally he has some stories and dropped some tasty knowledge on me. He is enthusiastic about what the future holds for Steemit and all the applications being built around the Steem Blockchain. I always feel like I am going to school when we speak as I just thirst for the knowledge he has and he seems more than happy to dish it out. I am sure he secretly regrets exchanging numbers and wishes I would get hit by a bus but…not gonna happen Bryan!!! You are stuck!!!


After I closed up the shop, Bryan, my son, and myself went to go grab some grub so I suggested Carrabba’s. Love that place and I would eat there daily if I would not go broke. Bread, oil & herbs?!? Delicious…anyway, we had a great time chatting it up about a ton of random stuff and then headed back to the shop but not before snagging a picture. Bryan was the first friend from Steemit that I actually met in person and I appreciate him taking the drive down. I have learned a tremendous amount from him and look forward to our next meet up. I hope to see ya in Baltimore next month for Con, brother!

Since then, he has been insanely helpful at setting me up with my own blog and using the plugin from @steempress. So I just wanted to not only test this out as this is the first post I  am writing on here, but to say thank you to a friend for the support along the journey thus far. It’s folks like Bryan that make Steemit an amazing place and we need more Bryan’s here. I hope that down the road I can throw some amazing support to some clueless but hungry Steemian, the way Bryan has to me. Thx brother!




To check out Bryan’s campaign, click here!!! https://fundition.io/#!/@bryan-imhoff/fzjpdacz9


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