Winner Announced 4 Spare Change Contest!

Finn being a creepy asshole as I rolled coins. He also stole a quarter to play with and kicked it under the bar. #douchecat

About 2 weeks back I popped up a piece regarding some spare change I had lying around. Between my car, my pockets, and my dresser, it seems to pile up quickly. It does me no good sitting around, so once in a while I get the bug to cash it in and my preferred purchase is some good ol’ tasty Steem to Power Up!!! I highly recommend doing the same as most of us don’t miss the random change yet it can add up to make an impressive amount.

In my previous post regarding this, I popped up a contest asking you all to guess the amount in the bag! I think I actually called it a “Hidden Contest”. But not before @sparkesy43 chumped me in the comments section…spoiler alert…it’s wasn’t hidden at all and I am just a complete moron. Thanks for always humbling me my friend! You can check out that 100% completely unexciting post here:

I had no idea initially until I dumped it out and wrapped it. I took a picture of the amount for all to see with the date and time on my computer and promised the winner would receive 10 shares of @steembasicincome along with 20 liquid Steem! I had 19 participants throw their hat into the ring including my cousin @blank7 who has been crushing it here on Steemit as a new user by not only investing in some Steem for his own account but delegating, and engaging with others. Kudos brother!

Anyway, the truth of the matter is that none of the 19 participants guessed correctly. How does it feel to be part of a loser pack rolling 19 deep?!? Huh folks?!? The total of the coins ended up being $121 dollars which I ended up buying yummy Steem with along with some other funds I had lying around for giving handjobs in back of the local Denny’s. A man’s gotta earn somehow…am I right?!?

But now for the good news Loser Squad 19…you are all winners in my book today as I went ahead and purchased 1 share of @steembasicincome for each of you!!! I am a fan of SBI and haven’t bought any for quite some time so I figured now is as good a time as any to do so. They are already bought and I believe will be updated into your accounts within the coming days…or however long that usually takes. I dunno.

Congrats to the following users…not really for the 1 share of SBI as ultimately it’s nothing…but for engaging and participating here on the chain. Engagement is a huge key to success here (even if I have been piss poor as of late) and you all deserve a standing ovation…or 1 share of SBI. That’s probably easier anyway…

As for new users who might be reading my horseshit…Contests are a great way to not only help grow your account but to meet new individuals. So get crackin and start entering some!!!

Also congrats again to those who participated for all being awesome losers together!!!

  • @sparkesy43
  • @tarazkp
  • @blank7
  • @modernzorker
  • @summertooth
  • @rpgbuilders
  • @chireerocks
  • @niallon11
  • @m-san
  • @celestal
  • @sgbonus
  • @clivingston005
  • @simonjay
  • @fieryfootprints
  • @tixinhacapitinha
  • @steemmatt
  • @doctorcrypto
  • @amberyooper
  • @guchtere

Thanks all!!!


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