The Possibility of Steemfest


I have been doing a ton of number crunching and looking at flights for the possibility of heading to Krakow for Steemfest. I know that it will be a difficult feat but that it would also help me further the relationships that are very important to me on this platform. So many people I would love to meet in person are heading to this event and I am truly jonesing to attend. If I can sell a bit of random things that I have to fund the trip, I am probably going to go. I know there are a few contests that are still going on to help with the trip and I am going to enter some of those in the coming days. I looked at flights and I am finding some that aren’t that terrible financially but are LOOOOOOONG trips.  Attending means I would be missing over a week as I need a full travel day to and from plus the trip itself. That is a bunch of time to miss when things are so busy at home. Still, I am gunning for it and it’s looking more and more like it might be a real possibility. I just wanted to share this as a few of the finer folks of the community have been encouraging me to make it if at all possible. Thanks for the encouragement guys…


So I am going to be selling tons of comics and toys, statues and misc. stuff to attempt to help fund the journey out there. If you are looking for anything at all in those departments, lmk!!! I hope I can kick some ass with it as I see this as a fantastic opportunity to not only soak in the experience of checking Poland out, but to meet the many faces that make this platform a place I look forward to hanging out in.


Now I have to sell shit and hunt for the contests….wish me luck!!!







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