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I like $20 bills just as much as the next guy. That’s why this quick Hot Tip is going to focus on a book that’ll turn a buck…into a $20. Just like delicious magic!!! Before I get started though I am actually curious about something. I have done like 10 of these Hot Tips so far, and I am wondering…does anyone find these useful? Honesty appreciated. I am curious, has anyone actually looked at one of these and went down to the local comic shop to snag a copy? Or perhaps you went through the crap sitting in your basement and dug out that copy you bought 20 years earlier? I will keep doing these as eventually they will help someone but I am just wondering if anyone thus far, has received any benefit from these??? Anyone go and snag any of these mentioned here, sell any, and turn that into some Steem to power up here as I am always preaching? Info and honesty much appreciated.


So while this book is not going to get you swimming in riches beyond your wildest dreams…it will bring ya about $20 bucks on average. This is a book that can be found in bargain bins across the land. Worst case you can pick it up for a few bucks in a back issue bin. I raided mine and found that we had it sitting for $3 beans. Usually I am dumb and forget about it and some savvy speculator comes in and snags it for pennies on the dollar. Today…I am a champion!!! Ok…ok…so which book is it today?!?!?



I am talking about Spider-Man #76!!! This book came out in January of 1997 and is not particularly memorable. Written by Howard Mackie with the cover and interior art done by John Romita Jr., this book features the first appearance of a baddie by the name of Crown…or Hunger…or both of those names. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. The reason this book has gone from dumpster to pedestal is a simple movie rumor. Sony is doing a Morbius The Living Vampire film with Jared Leto as the lead. Well rumor has it that the villain introduced in this particular book will also be showing up in the upcoming Sony film. Cue feeding frenzy. Morbius first appeared way back in October of 1971 in Amazing Spider-Man #101 but that’s a story for another day. That is a tasty book worth holding onto if you have one…a blue chip book.


I am going to say that about 99% of the time, these jumps are a flash in the pan. Next week, people are onto the next hot things and the previous one is forgotten. That is why I always put emphasis on going and striking while the iron is hot. Go to your local shop or shops, snag a few of these…list em on the bay and make some quick coin for minimal effort. Keep that money. Take the lucky lady to dinner. Buy your dog some of those expensive treats you always just look at. Or power up some Steem here and grow your account. I always see folks complaining about how they would like more Steem Power but can’t afford to buy some. Opportunities like this are a perfect excuse to get off your dumper and make some stuff happen!!!!!



Back to the matter at hand…Crown who also goes by Hunger can be read about here on the Marvel wiki page.¬†



Currently these are bringing in between $15-$30 bucks. Once again, not going to get rich off this but I like $20 dollar bills….don’t you?!? Check out some of the ebay listings from the past couple days and you’ll see the action. These are easy to find and currently easy to move. No brainer. Go make some money…




Till next time…





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