The Road to SteemFest – FEARS –


So I should have been writing and participating in @anomadsoul’s writing challenges for weeks now but it was only recently that attending SteemFest became a reality. So now I’m playing catch-up and will be trying to pump these out this week. I’m going to start with the current topic and address my fears. Here we go…

I’ll first start off by saying that this place is full of some highly intelligent people. The fact that @roelandp put this together again is amazing and inspiring in itself. Let alone all of you who code and make apps. Trying to build new, onto, or improve what is already existing. That is just a level that I cannot comprehend. I’m definitely full of ideas but some of you guys…you guys literally make shit happen. Kudos to all of you for using your brains and passion to make our small corner of the world, a better place.


Then there are those of you who just come off so naturally here. I’m trying and feel as though I’m slowly opening up and getting a bit more personal. Some of you just have a knack for drawing people in. Charismatic, funny, intelligent, creative, passionate…I can go on and on but I’m trying not to sound too pathetic. These are traits that most of you attending possess. I’m attempting to learn from all of you and each and every time I read a piece, I realize that I still have a lot of work to do. The good news is I’m here for the long haul. I’m not going anywhere so I fully expect to make major strides as we all chug along.

Those things alone scare the shit outta me! I’m going to be in a room amongst some of the best and brightest on the platform. I’m just a small fish here who is still new and finding his way. Bumping elbows with some of Steemit royalty is enough to give me some clammy ass palms to gross you all out with….so…enjoy that.

As for the travel, I feel pretty decent about it. I’m not lazy so I’ll be up early and to bed late, enjoying and exploring all that Krakow and @steemfest has to offer. It’s slightly nerve wracking as I will be on my own but I travel solo often for work so I think I can handle it.

One thing that strikes fear in my heart…my Crohn’s. Being away from home means a bit of added stress. That usually does not bode well for my belly. Also being in a foreign land means that I will NOT have my “medicine”. That helps my stomach issues before it’s even a problem. Add that to a foreign land with lots of new foods…man, my stomach is cramping already. Lol. This alone is probably my biggest fear regarding this trip and it’s going to take me being very smart and lucky for it not to be a major problem. Unless someone attending knows a guy…lol


I’m also a bit concerned with my luggage. Well, my second checked in bag. Im buying a piece of dogshit suitcase from a second hand shop so I can just throw it out in Krakow. I’ll be bringing my normal luggage for myself but I’m bringing something to pop in to every single goodie bag that each attendee will be receiving. It’s fairly heavy and fragile and shipping it out would have cost way too much so just paying for a second checked in bag is the best and most practical way to get it all there. My concern is that it all gets there safe and sound with no damage. I hope you all enjoy it…let’s hone it doesn’t end up on a different flight and ends up on the baggage carousel somewhere in Turkey. Fingers crossed…


Lastly, being away from home while refreshing and exciting, is something I’ve come to like doing less and less as the years have gone on. I can speak with my wife and kids on the phone and we can send pictures and joke around but I can’t do that with the pups. With the recent loss of my boy Tano, they are fresh on my mind throughout the day a lot more than usual. My girl Bindi is 14 and while relatively healthy…it’s still a concern of mine to be away. Not only that something could happen while I’m gone but just the fact that it’s one less week together with my babies that I will ultimately have. After Tano’s departure…every moment and day counts and I have a small sense of guilt for being gone. That probably sounds crazy to most of you but it’s a very real concern and point that I’m battling and struggling with.

That’s probably it. So basically summed up…my fears are that I’m going to feel so dumb and useless in front of all of you that I’ll get the squirts….for 5 straight days. Oh and my dogs will die. Fuck!!! Also, Your goodie bag gifts will get demolished en route or end up in Tokyo.


At least I’ll kick all your asses in bowling…

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